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What to do with 660?

While MetLife representative Michael Shuster is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame for catching a baseball, he might want to remember one thing. Alex Rodriguez is the fifth person in baseball to hit 660 home runs. Not the first. At age 25, he will be a hero in his own mind for awhile longer, and he’ll forever be able to share a whale of a story with any future grandchildren about a chilly night at Fenway Park. The only question that remains is this: When he tells how he caught the ball off A-Rod’s bat to tie the career mark of the great Willie Mays, will he be clutching that ball in his hand or just showing a photograph or video? If he doesn’t mind the visual representation and pocketing some fairly serious cash, he could sell it. He could probably trade for a gift basket of some pretty good A-Rod-signed gear, with a notation, “I gave up HR #660 for this gear. Thanks, pal. Alex Rodriguez.” If Shuster becomes a seller, he’d better do so quickly, while anyone with a checkbook cares. For when A-Rod hits No. 661, No. 660 will be yesterday’s news. After 661, the anxiety will build toward No. 715, one more than Ruth’s last home run. Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds sit well ahead with 755 and 762 career home runs, respectively. Whoever would catch No. 763 will hit the latest jackpot. Until someone else can put together the 20-plus career it will take to break the record, Mr. Shuster should enjoy the priceless moment and the ball.

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