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Unitas to Berry touchdown ball in 1958 classic

BALTIMORE — The ball Raymond Berry caught for a touchdown from Johnny

This undated photo provided by Huggins and Scott Auctions, shows a football that Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas threw to Raymond Berry for a touchdown in the historic 1958 NFL Championship game is being sold at auction. The ball has an estimated value of $40,000-$70,000, is being sold at auction. ( via AP)

Unitas in the 1958 NFL Championship is on the block through Huggins & Scott Auctions. Estimates have the ball fetching more than $40,000. The ball is being consigned by collector Jay Freedman, who bought the ball from Raymond Berry in 2003. He said he paid Berry about $50,000. Berry caught 12 passes for 178 yards as the Colts defeated the Giants, 23-17, in what was called “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” The sale ends Feb. 11.

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