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Through-the-mail autograph collector Sean Miskimins knows how to work his connections to boost his hobby. In the return address of the letter he sends select autograph targets, he writes a brief note that personally connects him with them. For Dale Murphy, Miskimins scrawled “I grew up near Gabriel Park, too.” Murph signed both enclosed cards and wrote a “smiley” face on Miskimins’ request letter. To Patriots center Pete Brock, he was able to write, “My Mom went to grade school with you.” Brock enclosed the cards signed and added an inscription about remembering mom and his uncles. “Thanks for the fun note,” Brock added. Conrad Dobler was alerted “Coach Ben was my HS Coach.” Miskimins’ coach had said he played with Dobler at Wyoming. Dobler typically signs for a fee, so Miskimins¬†enclosed a trading card a check with the appropriate amount. Dobler sent back the card signed and returned the check. On the request letter, Dobler wrote, “I remember Ben well.” Miskimins wrote in The Autograph Report that the tactic doesn’t always work. The idea actually came from Miskimins’ wife, who once asked, “Do you think any of these athletes ever throw your letters away without evening opening them and reading them?” Evidently, yes.

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