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Ruth bat, Feller ball highlight sales

FELLERSOUTH MILWAUKEE, Wisc. — A Babe Ruth game bat from the 1920s primarily sold for $19,501 in a MEARS auction that closed May 30. A Ty Cobb bat dated from 1916-’21 sold for $9,093. Bob Hyland’s 1968 Super Bowl II ring from his personal collection sold for $13,022. Also, a ball used in the Sept. 11, 1985 game, in which Pete Rose collected hit number 4192, breaking Ty Cobb’s hit record, sold for $2,946 on the strength of 27 bids. The ball was signed, dated and notated by Rose. An official American League William Harridge ball used in Bob Feller’s third no hitter sold for $1,371. The ball featured a vintage Feller signature on the side panel and was signed and dated by Feller with an inscription with game details on another side panel.

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