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Now he’s just Johnny Autograph

HOUSTON — Remember escape artist Johnny Manziel, the 2014 first round pick, Heisman Trophy winner known as Johnny Football? The wheeler dealer guy who showed the world he was money in the bank by raising his arms and rubbing his taunting little fingers together? Yep, the one who was going to bring back the laughable Cleveland Browns from the dead.

He rode hJOHNNYis two profitable NFL seasons through this season, which he watched from his living room. No spotlights. No reporters. No publicized off-the-field shenanigans. Now he’s 24 years old.

Well, that same Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M was set up in nearby Katy, Texas, at a sports memorabilia store during the week of Super Bowl LI, earning a payday through autographs. For $99, collecting fans could buy an autograph ticket or take a photo. The autograph on the later, of course, cost more. Want a selfie? Fifty pucks. Add a four-word personal inscription? Twenty-nine dollars. Heisman Trophy replicas cost $375.

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