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Jim Craig mask fetches $137,849; bigger ticket items fall short of reserve

Four iconic Jim Craig items may have been part of the “Miracle on Ice” with the 1980 Olympics, CRAIGMASKbut they proved not to be miracles on the auction block at Leland’s. The items made reached impressive bidding levels, but failed to meet reserves. Craig’s U.S. Hockey Team gold medal reached $611,591 in bidding but fell short of reserve. The estimate for the item began at $1 million. Craig’s jersey in the semifinal game against the Soviet Union hit $313,843,  but short of the reserve. Leland’s estimated the piece between $750,000 and $1 million. The American Flag Craig draped around his shoulders on the ice in the post-game “Do You Believe in Miracles?” celebration climbed to $214,359, but was unacceptable at auction. The estimate on the item began at $1 million. His jersey in the gold medal game also was short of the reserve.

What did sell was his goalie mask for $137,849, his goalie pads for $23,033 and his blocker from the Games for the same amount.

The Leland’s sale scored other big numbers. Among the items that sold were:

• A 1934 Tour of Japan photograph of Ruth, Gehrig and Foxx, signed by all three, for $130,106;

• A Lou Gehrig game-used bat for $131,769;

• Carl Hubbell’s 1937 New York Giants uniform, worn in that year and in the World Series, for $96,000;

• A perpetual Heisman Trophy, one one of two known to exist for $103,568. This trophy was created for and displayed at the Helms Athletic Foundation Museum in Los Angeles;

• Secretariat’s race-worn Sanford Stakes winning horseshoe, his first Stakes win, for $27,570;

• Two Gaylord Perry San Francisco Giants World Series rings from 2010 and 2012 for $31,125 each; and

• Bryce Harper’s game-worn jersey from the Papelbon Fight Game for $12,428. The jersey was signed

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