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Jenner’s Torch: Whatever floats your boat

If you’re looking to add to your Olympics memorabilia collection or if you just felt an Olympic torch is something you need to satisfy your eclectic tastes, you may want to consider bidding on a little item coming up through Heritage Auctions. It’s a 1984 Summer Olympics torch, and it was carried on one of those relay marathon fundraising events to promote the Games. Bruce Jenner, the 1976 decathlon gold medalist, carried thisjennertorch particular torch during a leg of the relay through Lake Tahoe. Bob Lorsch, a Los Angeles philanthropist and entrepreneur,  got Jenner to carry the torch for the final kilometer of the 50 kilometer portion of the relay.

You remember Bruce Jenner, the hero with All-American looks. He subsequently joined the Kardashian clan, then chose to transform his All-American looks into Caitlin Jenner.

I know someone will buy this torch and exhibit it proudly. It’s really a cool item. I would like to think it’s cooler to own because it was carried by a great Olympian and not by someone who became a symbol of anything else.

Now, we realize business is business, and fully understand the importance of enhancing the value of an item, even hyping it for promotional purposes. If promoters want to call this torch a symbol of masculinity and femininity and proclaim this torch a “piece of history” because it somehow flows through the Kardashians and ultimately through Caitlyn, well, let’s just go ahead and salute the George Orwell novel and, while we’re at it, the glory of all human imagination.

In the end, this wonderful Olympic torch is, well, an Olympic torch. But, wait, it’s not just an Olympic torch. It was carried by a great athlete. However, it has nothing to do with a cover shot on Vanity Fair or the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Or an E! Entertainment network documentary. If it’s a story that attracts a buyer, however, then you’ve found the item.

Our hope is that Caitlyn Jenner will carry a new torch and make her own mark on the world, not for herself or even the transgender community or any narcissistic endeavors, but for causes that continue to plague the world — hunger, disease, education. Join and win the human race. Meanwhile, keep this torch a symbol of the 1984 Olympics.

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