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Q: What should I buy?

A: I’m no mind reader, but if I’m reading into this question what you may be thinking, you may be thinking in terms of investment. What you should be buying are items that connect with your interests. Much of collecting involves individuals who wish to connect in a material way with their sports heroes or their fondest sports memories. Perhaps you want to collect items connected with a favorite player, team or era; or hall of famers. You can identify niches to fit your collecting interests. Some people collect single-signed baseballs; team-signed balls, bats, gloves, mini-helmets, sports equipment, stadium seats, game programs, tickets; newspapers, magazines, books. I would also recommend collecting items that you can view with others, not just items to stuff in a closet. I’ll address protecting these items in a future question. As for that investment topic, I’ll address that at a later time as well.


LAST WORD: Kevin Keating, a long-time dealer from Alexandria, Va., urges collectors to “buy what excites you. Although everyone probably would like to own a Babe Ruth or a Lou Gehrig signature, the cost of an authentic example of either may be prohibitive. If a person collects what he or she “loves” without regard to its value, the collector will derive maximum enjoyment from each purchase, and that enjoyment will be repeated every time the collection is reviewed or shared with others. And on the investment side of collecting, buy the highest value item you can afford. Buy quality.”