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Control the hounds?

Reggie Jackson, known for post-season bombs that dubbed him Mr. October, used F-bombs out of frustration toward an autograph hound during induction weekend in Cooperstown. He then apologized for his profanity.

But Reggie had a point and perhaps the village of Cooperstown should create some No Autograph Zones, such as restaurants, where Jackson’s bombs might as well have earned him the name Mr. July or Mr. F-Bomb. No need to repeat the effing conversation. Of course, many hall of famers in a variety of sports, have reacted negatively to dinner interruptions; and many of them, perhaps even Reggie, have graciously greeted and autographed items at such locales.

Some reports have Jackson pushing the man; others have him pointing at his chest. Maybe a poke got in there somewhere. Pick your drama.

In this case, Reggie took to twitter to issue an apology. “Mad or not, no excuse,” he wrote.

Yet, the slugging great said he’d recognized this hound as someone for whom he’d signed earlier in the day during a round of golf. The fan lined up with others, got an autograph, and raced to the end of the line with the hope of grabbing another autograph.

Ah, such is the chase for free autographs during hall of fame weekends in Cooperstown, Canton, Springfield and elsewhere.

Hall of famers sign for free at chance meetings and for fees at organized events, mostly sports hobby shops. It’s a nice pay day for the legends. And it’s a nice pay day for many fans, who’ve turned their hobby into a business. Look for items in the coming days on eBay or on a social media site.

For the grapher who drew the ire of Jackson, he survived with a great story to share with frienROCKERds and family for generations.

Meanwhile, if someone is offended by a few F-bombs, consider how former Braves bad boy John Rocker cashed in on his image. At a sports shop at 83 Main Street in Cooperstown, during the Hall of Fame weekend, July 24 and 25, the former John Smoltz teammate signed items at $20 a pop. For $10 extra, he’d add an inscription; and for $25 he’d add an inscription “w/ Bad Words.”





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