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Champ’s death elevates Ali auction items

aliquarryBOHEMIA, N.Y. — The undercard of Lelands’ June 17 auction featuring “Miracle on Ice” items includes more than 20 Muhammad Ali items. It gains more attention with the passing of the champ. Meanwhile, Leland’s is already assembling inventory for a large collection focused on the Greatest of All Time. Among the items in the October sale are:

  • Ali’s 1974 “Rumble in the Jungle” championship ring;
  • Ali’s ring-worn shoes from 1977 inscribed, “Enjoy Life It’s Later Than You Think”;
  • Thousands of images from camera negatives
  • Tickets and passes, including a full Ali-Berbick unused ticket.

Among the items in the sale ending June 17 are:

  • A Ali-signed mouthpiece from the Rumble in the Jungle;
  • A handwritten speech on 22 index cards that addresses ideas related to his conversion to Islam;
  • Ali jock strap from Ali-Norton III;
  • An amateur boxing program from 1959, signed by Cassius Clay;
  • Ali’s contract for Ken Norton fight in 1978;
  • Ali’s 1970 fight contract for Jerry Quarry fight;
  • A 1964 Liston-Clay fight program;
  • Ali-Quarry on-site boxing poster;
  • A Thrilla in Manilla program;
  • Ali-signed 1974 Ali-Foreman fight program, signed;
  • Ali-Liston full tickets, set of 4;
  • 1963 Clay-signed Sports Illustrated;
  • 1964 Ali-Liston programs and ticket collection;
  • Ali-signed Everlast boxing trunks;
  • A 1971 Ali-Frazier championship program, ticket stub;
  • Collection of seven tickets from seven Ali fights (‘60s-‘70s);
  • 1959 Clay golden gloves ticket, passes;
  • 1960 Clay Olympic boxing finals full ticket;
  • 1965 Ali-Liston full tickets with envelope;
  • Muhammad Ali in A.K.A. Cassius Clay movie poster;
  • Thomas Hauser’s “Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times,” signed in ’92 by Ali; and
  • 1965 Ali vs. Liston Lewiston heavyweight championship program.
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