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FLASHBACK 1992: Action from Springfield

The tradition of collecting sports autographs is dominated by baseball. More than basketball, more than football, more than hockey. It must have something to do with the fan’s expectation of getting an autograph before or after a game. Player accessibility is a major...

Wagner museum takes more prominent space

CARNEGIE, Pa. — The Honus Wagner Museum has been moved by the Historical Society of Carnegie from a small, first-floor room at its headquarters in the Husler Building, 1 W. Main St., into a larger, more prominent space near the front entrance. Dan McGrogan, president of the...
Posted On 02 Sep 2014

New Position For Jeter

Imagine if the New York Yankees never had a player named George Herman Ruth. Or even Lou Gehrig, DiMaggio or Mantle. Your answer probably would be, “Well, they wouldn’t quite have the aura of the New York Yankees.” If none of those Yankees from the Pinstripe Mount Rushmore ever...
Posted On 27 Aug 2014